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We have filmed some videos showing you how our Tinkertron EMG Switch works:

Wheelchair Navigation demo:

EMG Switch on Neck demo:

Here, we use the cheek muscles to control EMG Switch. We attached via removable stickers the 2 active leads to the platysma muscle on the neck, and the 3rd ground lead to a neutral unused muscle site (arm). As you can see, indicator lights show when the switch is being “thrown on or off”. We used very obvious muscle contractions in this demonstration, but the EMG Switch can detect electrical activity from any muscle — a minor twitch makes a major difference!

Dual Switch on EMG device demo:

Below are a few videos from our Tinkertron EMG Switch users. If you have any videos or testimonials you’d like to share, please contact us.

Customer shows our EMG Switch being used with Google Glass interfaced with Bluetooth.

Darren demonstrates the use of our EMG Switch for power wheelchair control and smartphone control.

Mark demonstrates our EMG Switch for power orthosis control.


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