What do we do?

An example product designed by Tinkertron is an EMG switch

By using tiny electrical impulses from muscle contractions, the EMG Switch is designed to detect and convert electromyographic (EMG) signals which are present on the skin through muscle activity in your body into electrical information that is processed and input into a special switch closure used to output/activate your assistive technology/device such as a wheelchair, keyboard, etc. The input to the EMG switch comes from cloth electrodes, which provides contact to the tiny signals on the surface of the skin.  The EMG switch continuously monitors the signal under the electrodes, and when the signal level exceeds a user adjustable threshold, a relay is energized providing an isolated switch closure output.

This product was modified for a Veterans Administration user to provide dual control for a power grip orthosis in partnership with Broadended Horizons .  The controller employed two EMG switches mounted on two different muscle sites.  A simple embedded scanning interface was developed to provide hand close and hand open signals driving a power grip orthosis.

Tinkertron developed implant electronics for a brain machine interface in partnership with Neural Signals Inc.  The device was one of the first to employ an embedded microprocessor to provide neural signal recording calibration.   The design included low noise biopotential recording amplifier, ultraminiature FM transmitter, and a power induction system.  The goal of this system was to restore speech.